Family Space

This space has been designed for children to take the lead in a range of activities that are suitable for all family members to enjoy together.

Bouldering is unique in its mixture of mental and physical challenges that develop problem solving and motor skills.

Each climb is a puzzle that needs figuring out and the aim is to use body and mind to solve it.



For the safety of all our customers, children under 16 require adult supervision at Frome Boulder Rooms, at all times.

As a supervising parent / guardian you must complete a registration form for each child, as well as yourself, to make sure you can provide safe supervision. 

Parents / guardians supervising alone, will not be allowed to climb but will not pay entry.

We understand that families may have children across different age groups and abilities, therefore we will apply a common sense approach to following the supervision ratio guidelines. Those under 5 will however need 1:1 supervision at all times. 

For the safety of all our customers, Frome Boulder Rooms reserves the right to ask customers to leave if they refuse to use the centre as required or advised.

Please read our
House Rules for more information about the safe use of Frome Boulder Rooms, and to register. 

ratios Explained.

0-5 Years / 1:1 The Adult supervisor must be within arms reach at all times of one child.

6-9 Years / 1:2 The Adult must be on the mats, with up to two children under constant supervision.

10-15 Years / 1:4 The Adult is responsible for being within clear eyesight of up to four children. Children at this age are expected to set a good example for younger climbers and use the centre with a clear understanding and demonstration of the rules and safety regulations. 

These supervision ratios are guidelines only and Frome Boulder Rooms may need to ask supervising adults to follow amended adult:child ratios should individual circumstances suggest this is necessary.

Peak Times

We ask that those 5 and under climb on the childrens walls only during our peak times which are after 4pm on a week day, and on weekends. 

Under 18's

If you are under 18, you must have a registration form completed by your parent or guardian. If you are aged 16 or over, you can climb with us unsupervised, provided your parent/guardian has registered you beforehand.

Green Card

For competent climbers aged 13-15 who are already registered with us, a parent or guardian can arrange an assessment with one of our team.

A successful assessment will sign off the young climber for unsupervised climbing at Frome Boulder Rooms.

Frome Boulder Rooms may revoke the right to a green card for any young climber found to be using the centre in a manner that goes against the safety / house rules.


Please talk to a member of staff at reception to discuss Green Card Assessments.