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You can make climbing at FBR as social as you like! We run a range of regular socials for those looking to climb in a chilled group setting. 


It's buy one get one free on entries...

All day.

Every Monday.


This offer is not available to those on

Direct Debit / Yearly memberships.

older boulders

Older Boulders is a chilled social of climbers aged 50+

The social is led by FBR regular Jools, and includes kit hire and a free soft drink.

Mondays 12-2pm



No experience necessary!



A super friendly session for women, non-binary folk and anyone who identifies as female.

The social is led by an FBR Team Member, who can show you the ropes if you're new to the centre and acts as a point of contact for the duration of the social.

Tuesdays 7-8.30pm

£usual entry fee + free soft drink


No experience necessary!



An inclusive and a safe space for EVERYONE. Whether you have a physical impairment, learning disability, are neurodivergent or are just looking for a welcoming and adaptive community to climb with, we want to develop this community and to introduce you to the world of Paraclimbing.

Facilitated by James Rudge, GB Paraclimber, in associacion with UK Paraclimbing collective.

3rd Friday of the month

£8.50 + free shoe hire


No experience necessary!


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