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1. Read the house rules.

We ask you to be aware of our 'House Rules' to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone at Frome Boulder Rooms. Please familiarise yourself with the House Rules and watch the Induction Video below before registering at the centre.

Our Duty Of Care

The rules of the climbing centre set out below are not intended to limit your enjoyment of the facilities. They are part of the duty of care that we as operators, owe to you, our customers, by law. As such they are not negotiable. If you are not prepared to abide by them you may not use our facilities. If it comes to our attention you are not abiding by our rules; our staff will require you to leave.

Your Duty Of Care
You also have a duty of care to act responsibly towards other users of the centre. Statements of ‘Good Practice’ are posted around the centre adjacent to the relevant facilities. These describe the accepted methods of use and how customers would normally be expected to behave towards each other.


  • Report to reception every time you visit the centre

  • Practice falling safely from a low height using the techniques in the induction video.

  • Climb down when possible.

  • The matting is designed to soften a fall, it does not remove the risk of injury.

  • Parents/guardians, please observe the Supervision Rules.


  • Please take climbing shoes off before visiting the toilets.

  • Climbing shoes or clean trainers must be worn when using the walls - no bare feet please!

  • We operate with a 'tops on' policy. If the Olympic Climbers can win gold fully clothed, so can everyone at FBR.

  • Let climbers near you finish before starting your climb - their path may cross yours.

  • Use walkways wherever possible.

  • Brush holds after use - it keeps them fresher for longer.


  • Look around for people above and around you.

  • Do not run around the centre, especially on the safety matting.

  • Don’t play on the mats unless you are climbing.

  • Please don’t climb if your grown up isn’t there.

  • Please take your climbing shoes off before you go to the toilets

  • Climb slowly and carefully - no timed races up the walls!!!


2. Watch the Induction Video

3. Register With Us.

As an adult climber, to register with Frome Boulder Rooms, you will need to sign a Participation Agreement, which when signed, shows us you have acknowledged the risks involved with climbing, and are aware of and are prepared to follow our House Rules.

You will not be allowed to climb until these forms have been correctly filled out, and staff are confident that you can use the space safely.

Supervising adults, you need to fill out a form for yourself (adult form), and the child/children you are supervising

(under 18 form) . Please see the family page for more information on supervising your young ones.

Review T's & C's

Every year, we'll ask you to review the Terms and Conditions (also known as the Participation Agreement) for using the facilities at Frome Boulder Rooms, to keep you up to date and aware of any important changes made over the year.

If a member of staff has asked you to review your Participation Agreement, please click the button below. 

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