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Your First Visit / FAQ's

Do I need to book?

No - Not for a regular session. For kids groups, instructed sessions, birthday parties etc, please contact the centre.

Do I need experience to climb at FBR?

No. As long as you have gone through the registration process and can answer some basic safety questions on your first visit, you can climb without any prior experience.

How long can I stay?

You can climb with us for as long as you like!! 


Before you can get on the walls, you will need to read our house rules, watch the induction video, and sign a Participation Agreement.

This can be done online before you visit, or at reception, although we advise that you do this before you plan to come, to save time when you arrive. Everyone whose climbing and/or supervising needs a form filled out.

When you arrive.

When your form is on our system, we will ask you a few simple questions about the video you watched to ensure you are ready to climb safely.

What do I need?

To begin with, just yourself and clothes you'd normally exercise in. We recommend wearing climbing shoes, which you can hire at reception.


I'm just supervising - do I need to pay?

No. Supervising adults that are not climbing don't need to pay entry. You do need to have gone through the registration process though.

Under 18's

All those under the age of 18 must have a Participation Agreement form filled out by a parent or guardian. 


The centre is welcoming of all ages, big and small, but most suited to those over 5. Please read through our family page before planning a visit with under 16's.

Lost Property

Please email, call or let a member of staff know if you have lost something at Frome Boulder Rooms. Lost property will be kept onsite for 1 month before being donated or rehomed! We will try and keep water bottles for at least 2 weeks, but with the volume of bottles we have left, we are sometimes unable to keep them for long before putting them out for rehoming/recycling.

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