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The EB Mojo is designed with exceptional comfort in mind. Most climbers need a comfy rock shoe in their lives, whether you're spending hours on a long mountain route, or a beginner looking for something that's easy on the feet. With these shoes performance does not need to come a distant second to comfort. Designed with a slight asymmetry and a slight camber, they are a relaxed shoe but with 4mm of Optima rubber they have better grip than entry level models. They are stiff enough to be an all day shoe with a single piece sole and slight but not extreme point to the toe for comfort and precicion on smaller holds. They are more breathable than most shoes and have an anti-bacterial impregnated dynamic microfibre upper.

EB Mojo Climbing Shoe

£75.00 Regular Price
£70.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • - 4 mm Optima rubber

    - Anti-bacterial

    - Dynamic Microfibre

    - Slight asymmetry

    - Slight downturn

    - Weight: 400g (size 40EU)

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